Steps to Take Before and After Tree Removal

We could not deny that dead, dying, diseased, and overgrown trees in our yard are problems. They are a threat to our safety and the other healthy trees. We can eventually consider getting rid of them by cutting and removing the infected trees. It is not an easy decision since tree removal is not an easy task to do.?? 

Tree removal is a job that requires proper training from people who are experts in this field. It is a job that needs skills and knowledge. If you do not have the proper things, it will put you in chaos and result in death. As the property owners, you need to think again and again if you plan to deal with your trees alone. You need to bear in mind the factors that will harm yourself, your property, and your family. The best thing to do is to hire the?tree removal Kennewick?if you want to stay safe and ensure quality works.? 

In hiring a professional team, ensure that they have registered and licensed arborists. Before tree removal, they will examine the situations of your trees. They are capable of giving advice on the things to do to stop the spread of the disease. Also, they will do the best ways on how to remove them.? 

The first thing that you should do first before the tree removal is to clean your yard. You need to get rid of the things that might be in trouble during the removal. Ensure that your yard is clean and free from the factors that will make the removal complicated. Also, ensure that your kids are not around in the area where the tree removal will occur to ensure safety. Also, before the tree removal starts, ensure that you have a written agreement between the people you are about to hire. Ensure that the target date and exact amount are mentioned in the agreement to prevent problems in the future. 

Second, once the experts and professionals arrived in your area, ensure that you have a place for their trucks and vehicles. It is the best way to do to start the work immediately and avoid conflicts with your neighborhood. You should expect that the people who will work within your property have big vehicles that will be used for the work.? 

After the removal, we could not avoid that stumps are present and visible. The stamps are unpleasant to look at, especially when you have a well-maintained landscape. But, it is a choice whether to let the people you hired remove them. They have the accurate tools for that. Usually, if your trees are infected with the various disease, experts will remove the stumps. They will ensure that there will be no parts of the trees that are present in your area. On the other hand, grinding the stumps is another option. But, if you want to choose the stump to stay, you can get rid of them in natural ways.? 

Furthermore, if you want to ensure that you are with the best team, hire our people. You will no longer worry about anything since we have everything that you need. You may visit our website for more details! 


Can Construction Damage Your Trees?

If you are living in an urban community, you’ll know that construction is unavoidable. You or your neighbors may require some construction work to further improve your property. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, construction can greatly damage your trees. It can even potentially kill it.  

Though construction is sometimes not avoidable, it is crucial to keep in mind that it can have a major impact on your landscape plants and trees.  

Today, we’re going to talk about how construction can damage your trees and what you can do to prevent these damages.  

If you ignore these things, you might end up having to hire a tree removal Bozeman company to get rid of your tree. 

How Construction Damages Your Tree 

There are a couple of crucial ways construction can damage your tree severely. It can even kill them if they are not careful enough.  

  • Damage to Tree Roots 

You may not know just how many tree roots you will have to cut in the process if you want to install an irrigation system, add a new driveway, extend your home, or build a new one. Aside from damaging every single minor feeder root, big structural support roots are often cut. This leaves your tree prone to instability. During construction projects, arborists often see more than 40% of the root system of the tree get severed. This is a risky condition for your big established trees.  

  • Getting Rid of Topsoil 

For those who don’t know, the most important and fertile layer of soil is the topsoil. In this soil, you will find all the vital feeder roots. In addition to that, you’ll also see the mycorrhizae fungi in the topsoil. These fungi will help break down organic matter and transform them into nutrients that your trees can absorb. Mycorrhizae fungi can also help break down harmful chemicals, such as heavy metals. Your trees will not be as vigorous if you get rid of the topsoil. If this happens, your tree can suffer from diseases and insects.  

  • Compacting the Soil 

Heavy and prolonged traffic compacts the soil in the feeder root zone of your tree. This is particularly true for foot and equipment traffic. Oftentimes, you will see huge piles of debris pile up at the tree’s base. This compaction can result in a decrease in the air spaces that feeder roots require in order to absorb the necessary nutrients and water. With less air space, your tree will have a hard time growing and expanding its root. Also, compacted soil results in a decrease in oxygen and water absorption. Irrigation, rainfall, or water runs off without the air spaces to hold it.  

Protecting Your Trees 

If you are planning to do a construction project around your house, it’s best that you hire a professional tree care company first to talk about the proper tree protection plan. A tree protection plan is also necessary for commercial projects. A professional can help you avoid all types of damages by talking about the elements that will influence the stability and health of your tree during construction.  


What Are the Tools We Need to Use for Tree Services?

There are so many people who are very curious when it comes to the tools that they want to use when cutting their trees in their backyard. Others would feel that they need to consider a lot of things or to buy those new ones. Of course, we have to think that it should be the most appropriate one so that we can manage to finish the job in no time and it won’t cause accidents there. It is hard to imagine that you are using a knife to prune the trees especially those thick ones.  

If you are going to have a tree service company, then you need to think about the money that you are going to invest for the tools also. Those tree removal Billings companies that you can see and check online had invested so much to the different machines as well. This one would help them to finish the job easily. At the same time, it is nicer to use because it would make the time faster and be able to see other problems as well. If you wanted to know more about them, then you need to check some of the materials online or you can ask some experts.  

Of course, you have to consider knowing how to use them. It is not enough that you are just going to read the instructions there. That is part of the process but you need to have something more. This will give you the chance to handle the worst cases as well. Not everyone can make things better but you can make a big difference here. There are cases as well that you are familiar with the looks but you don’t know the names of it. There are chances that you know the names of the tools but you are not so sure about the uses of them.  

We will talk and get to know of some tools and machines that you are not familiar but they can play a very important role when doing tree services.  

You need to know more about the different sizes of the chainsaw. Aside from that, the function of it would be very helpful to cut the bark and the trunk of the trees. This can be done manually or electric. Of course, it is going to be very dangerous if you don’t know any of the ways to use them.  

If you wanted to prune the trees, then you have to prepare your own pruner once you are decided to do it on your own? There is a set available where you can see the different types of pruners that you can there. You need the different sizes as the parts of the trees that you want to trim down won’t be the same as always.  

Others may think that it is not important to use protection for the eyes but this is not true. You should always use one so that you can guarantee the safety of your own eyes.